Ready To Rock MACARON Hair?

Macaron Hair
Multi-colored, candy hair may not be something we can work at the office or walk down the street with without getting stares, but if attention-seeking is your thing and you don’t mind rocking a wig at the office for a while until after 5 when you can let your hair down, let me get up in your follicles with this revamped new tress trend:

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Shelly gregory hair2Done only by professional colorists (which, as a former nail tech whose gone to hair school as well, can tell you) is vastly different than a ‘hairstylist;’ the unique hair trend has
finally made its way straight from the hood and being frowned upon and giggled at-to posh salons around the nation but with a twist:









Rather than multi-colored extensions, Macaron hair goes all the way with ‘keeping it real’ and daring to go where many blondes would be afraid to go: Delving into the adventurous world of coloring your hair in sections-various colors blending such that it gives the hair lots of body!

Hailey Mahone hair


The style is created by parting off entire section of the hair and colored to make a perfect blend of color that plays off of each other.

Blondies Hair






Check out this pic of pop star

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