JERMAINE JACKSON Bitten In Leg By Wife During Domestic Dispute Turkey Day Weekend


“Do what you do when you did what you did to me” means a whole different thing to former Jackson Five “Do What You Do” singer Jermaine Jackson, 60, who certainly doesn’t want a repeat of what just happened over this Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Reportedly, he was the victim of domestic abuse while at he and his wife’s Woodland Hills, California home.



Gone, must be the days of women fighting and ending up hanging on to the leg of [her] man as, apparently, Jackson’s wife Halima Rashid, 38, was arrested and spent 5 hours in jail as a result of biting his leg, just two days after turkey day.

The attack got her charged with felony corporal injury of a spouse, and after the 5-hour stint, she was

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