Rapper EVE Engaged to Be Married to Gumball 3000 Founder: MAXIMILLION COOPER [Ring + Photos]

Let Me Blow Your Mind.

      eve-and-maximillion-cooper1 On this eve of New Years Eve, we learned that rapper and actress: Eve 35, got engaged to longtime boyfriend, British designer: Maximillion Cooper, 41 (a race car driver and founder of Gumball 3000–an annual 3,000 international car rally).

Sources close to Cooper confirmed the engagement to US Weekly, saying Cooper proposed in Edinburgh, Scotland on Christmas Day.

The couple has been living together in London since Eve’s move from New York.

Eve had this to say:

Although we do not have the G’s on the carat specs, from the looks of the SIZE of that monster from this distance in this photo, it’s huge!


“I’ve never been the type of person to discriminate,” said the rapper. “But I honestly have to say I never thought I’d be with a white guy ever. But it just happened. It’s amazing. I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with too,” said Eve-during an interview with Chelsea Handler.


Eve-on-Katie-Couric-show In early fall 2013, Eve sat down with Katie Couric [click for audio]  where she briefly discussed the hate she received via hateful Tweets, during her relationship with Cooper.  

She expressed (quote):

Maximillion Cooper, Fredrik Strebel & Eve “It was shocking. I’m dating a white man and…(she looks back at the clip of a pic of she and him) ..he’s cute! I got heat because I’m a black girl who comes from hip-hop and I’m dating a white man, and honestly…I’ve always been a people person…and it just so happened to HAPPEN. I got so many hateful Tweets from people, and I don’t understand ‘hate’ “ (unquote)

…According to Eve, the hate had since died down somewhat but she couldn’t believe it-it hurt her feelings.

Interestingly, in the interview, Katie proposed the question:  So do you think you’ll get married at some point?”

eve1 Eve: “Uh, he’d better!” she joked, and continued with: “I hope so. I hope so.”

MAX AND EVE  Well, like dreams do come true, hopes manifest.  Eve’s hope sure came true on December 25, 2013 and we wish her the best! 

liplock For the record (literally), Eve’s back in the studio and currently promoting her newest album called Lip Lock. Click the link to visit her site and in support of the former Ruff Ryder/”Pit Bull in a Skirt”    

Eye Spied at US Weekly

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