JUSTIN BIEBER’S 48 Million “Beliebers” Don’t Believe Him, He Needs More People


If making a documentary following the personal + behind stage life of one of the most popular teen heart throbs was financed and brought to fruition based on projections of one of thee most fanatical fan followings in teen heart throb history via Twitter alone 48, 165,548 Twitter followers + a fan base (whose parents obviously aren’t in the know about the trouble and mayhem they keep up on the daily while on Twitter); should have very much afforded Justin Bieber’s “joke”-the reality that he probably thought he had the option to take…that is …before Box Offices ticket sales numbers came back to humble that ass.

Bcg1SPDCMAATVnh  Nooooooooooo, we’re not saying that the 19 years-old’s public announcement on Twitter (that caused a ruckus when he stated he would be retiring soon)’s plans were cut short by the box office flop “Believe,” (because actually, it was said before the movie’s release). However, and still; the box office numbers were certainly enough to force the teen Pop Tart to “demand a recount” on such an announcement (if in the event “retiring” was really in his plans after projected success of the movie).

BcT3bYUCMAEtOov If you are kept abreast the Twitter culture, then you know that Justin Bieber’s fans rule (at least they think they do).

th perez hilton-20130910-162  They are a mob of teens who call themselves the “Beliebers” who are subject to go at me, you, and especially Perez Hilton, with the force of a swarm of “Honey Beebs”…(uh oh, let me not get my lil’ knack for wordplay get me in trouble and another Bieber gang a-swarmin’)…

At any rate: literally…

I guess it’s all the Twitter illusion that I swear by. And if Justin Bieber’s fanatical Twitter fan base, alone, isn’t enough to humble anybody who pumps their chest and mind-frames a “follower count” as validation of their worth and popularity, think again.

Let’s kick the ballistics here.

 Justin Bieber  Over the Christmas holiday from Friday to Sunday, “Believe” grossed $2.01 million-putting the documentary during the first five days, at $4.2 million. It ranked in 14th place, behind cutting room floor-caliber movies (in comparison to Bieber’s celebrity and popularity)–behind movies that we barely heard tell of being promoted heavily like: “Grudge Match,” “Walking with the Dinosaurs,” and “47 Ronin.”

By comparison to Bieber’s 2011 movie: “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” (which opened at $29.5 million the first week in ticket sales and finished its ranking at $73 million in North American grosses), that’s very bad (+ considering a Twitter follower count alone being 48,165,548). That’s sooooounacceptable.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Believe” may not even reach $10 million total during its lifespan on the movie screen.

  If half (or even 1/3 of 48 million followers alone) would have supported that movie it would have done just as well, if not, better that his 2011 movie “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.”

3156283896_1_2_VOrlZYJJ Not even his new muscles, “sexy” bad-boy behavior and counts of teenage boy angst was enough to get all the Beliebs to believe:  “Believe.”

This gives a whole new meaning to the notorious line as sang and written by rapper, Jay Z: “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

A lot of people in popular/rap culture/social media culture love to quote that line as a subtweet or diss as a swipe to try and make their lesser audience-endowed friend’s feel badly by comparison [to theirs audience numbers]-making them feel validated and important.

Well, if this unfortunate reality check (or jolt to the ego) be a lesson, it would be the lesson that if Justin Bieber-in all his top success and 48+ million audience count’s glory couldn’t get his 24/7/365 mob of “Beliebers” to log out and support his project at least to a level to compete with his project from two years ago; Jay Z just ought to be heading back to the studio on a remix that goes a little something like this:

“We don’t Belieb you, you need more people….No…way’min, way’min, way’min. Let me finish…FOR REAL though: We don’t Belieb you, who ARE your people?” …(that truly support you)?

unnamed The Internet/blog world is blowing this story like a winter storm scene in Kansas coming for Dorothy and Toto. Because especially considering Beibs’ iron clad Twitter fan base alone (over 48 million); this flop defies all logic and is quite the shocker but too-should be undeniably humbling for us all.

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