RACHEL ROY Cancels Event Following BEYONCE LEMONADE #Beyhive Bash – How The “Becky” RACHEL RAY Cashed In

situation that Beyonce fans felt was completely out of pocket.

Rachel Roy Beyonce


Allegedly that notorious Met Gala elevator incident with which Solange wailed on Jay Z while Beyonce stood torn between her sister and her man, whispers and rumors made its way around in certain circles that Rachel Roy (who has kids with Jay Z former business pal and friend Damon Dash) had been creeping around with Jay Z beneath his singing powerhouse wife’s nose.

Fast forward.

The very night that Beyonce dropped the visual, Rachel Roy, 42, (the designer) took a picture of herself with a white girl looking into a lighted camera and mirror and captioned the photo with the words:Rachel Roy Instagram Beyonce

Good hair, don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies or self truth always. Live in the light. #nodramaqueens.”

Let me explain.

Whether you know it or not, the urban meaning for [a] “Becky” is [a] white girl.

Now although Rachel Roy is obviously not white, the fact that she captioned the picture such—and then took a picture with a white girl (I’m guessing to confuse the situation pictuation that she didn’t realize the depths she was about to be in for), the fact of the matter is: She is the actual Rachel Roy and the alleged reason behind Solange’s fight with Jay Z (in defense of her sister, Jay Z’s wife: Beyonce).

By crack of dawn on Sunday, these Internet skreets got word of Rachel Roy (and Rachel Ray) leaving chef Rachel Ray having to swat off Beyonce’s (so called) Bey-Hive and Rachel Roy first defending herself

Rachel Roy tweet Beyonce Lemonade


…and now, come Monday morning, running for her safety?

You see, since all that, it’s being reported that Rachel Roy canceled an event scheduled for today.

The fact of the matter is this.

You have a right to post anything on your social media page you wish to.

And while (I’ve always thought) it’s a bit excessive for these swarm of Internet gangsters in allegiance of Beyonce (in spirit of a well-suited name behind a hashtag may be all fine and cute); it’s silly and can go too far (considering this new, human APA undocumented psychological need for attention today and on social media).

At this point in life (as we’ve all seen and see each day at log on) people are willing to do any and everything for a retweet, ‘like,’ or few seconds of a social viral video—even if it means incriminating themselves or hurting someone else.

By the same token however, Rachel Roy knew JUST what the hell she was getting herself into when she posted that caption so she’s not innocent and a complete ‘victim’ of “bullying.”


Good news: Some people for little of nothing, got nothing to promote, sell or do with their time but start drama do this all day online. At least people who didn’t know her/her designs know her now (which may have been her aim).

Bad news: Was it worth making her once classy self look like a silly broad whose now (possibly) canceling events and losing money in the process of soliciting the attention she got for it?

These days of poppin’ off- dropping stuff on social media is starting to require a better thought-out plan so Rachel Raythat one doesn’t have to cash checks their reputation, career or a$$ can’t cash.

Make it worth it–all the way around, though.

So far, [the] “Becky” won-the other Rachel. She didn’t cancel work today, got people watching her show/knowing who she is now + her career and rep are in tact, and for all this (thanks to this), she’ll be cashing another unexpected/bigger check.


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