So What! Pop Star PINK Propositioned For 75K…

She already knows the game, and the pop star has already sang: “I don’t wanna meet on a lonely street where the talk is cheap and the price is sweet–I’m not that girl.”

pink300aaol-lifestyle-uk181110When Pink was kicking her foot into the R&B game and once sang lyrics like: “Most girls want a man with the bling, got my own thing I just want real love,” understand this: She must have meant it.

pink Recently, the “So What” superstar received a proposition after her concert at New York’s Barclays Center by a wealthy real-estate tycoon who sat in front row-tapping Pink’s team with an offer [he thought] she wouldn’t refuse: A backstage “Meet and Greet” complete with a nice 75k tip for the tap.

No-no-no—guys-not tapping her (we’re sureeeeeeee that wasn’t apart of his plan at all), but rather-75k for some mere photos and a couple of hand shakes just so he could show off to Instagram and Twitter, is all..

*eyes in head*

Yeah. Okay. But’ter’ru’uh.

Pop Star Pink  The “Stupid Girls” singer had to let him know that she was certainly not one: she blew the roof on the real estates mogul’s high as he got answered back with a reply I’m sure he wasn’t used to hearing that probably got his chimney smoking: “I don’t do meet and greets.”

We at Other Side of the Fame not only have a policy (for our near future contributors): “Say what you want, but spell their name right,” and as well, we do what we can to not read between the lines (and especially not put any words in anyone’s mouth) but sometimes you just can’t help [but read between the lines] ya know?

Wouldn’t it be safe to say that 75k price tag in front of the offer turned her off? I’d say (I mean, she is an analytical Virgo and…well..that probably didn’t compute to well in her minds analysis–why a price tag was involved for this er…ruh…”photo-op-position” shall we say. She knows the game)…

Well at least he did his math and his homework. Her “worth” is around 70 mill, and let see…75k for a “photo-op?”

*whips out calculator*

*taps 10 keys*

*hand to chin*


At any rate.

Pink is our girl here at Other Side of the Fame and one of the write head’s favs. So we’ll keep our ear to the streets to find out what, if anything, she has to say about why she sent the real estate mogul packing.Pink_AP_150

Eye Spied at WENN/MSNBC Entertainment

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