BEYONCE Takes a Shot at Target By Slashing Prices at Walmart–Literally!


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 Call it what you want to, or just call it art imitating logo, but Target’s symbol got put to full use when Beyonce took a shot at ’em-publicly.bullseye-target-15

bad-customer-serviceBadCustomerService1Ever had that experience where you got bad service or dealt with a company or business that handled you as if they don’t even need your greenbacks, hun duns, or coins so you wiggled your neck and rolled your finger as if the words you were spewing about how you can take your business to their competitor was somehow going to put them out of business or cause a major Armageddon?

I know you have.

boarded up business You leave the establishment or get of the phone and immediately have fantasies of riding by and seeing the place all mildewed and boarded up, or dream of turning on the news only to find out they had this big liquidation sale because they were going out of business-the surge you get in your body from the thought of it is enough to make you shout out—even home alone.

Like a scene out of one of my favorite movies.

selena movie_jennifer lopez I call it that “Selena Moment,” where in the movie she was in an upscale store and treated as if she shouldn’t even be there because she couldn’t afford the store’s lowest priced item. But then all of a sudden, people started walking by and into the store-screaming, pointing, and causing mayhem-asking for autographs. And then that store clerk (whose greatest part of his check comes from commission on sales), face hits the floor only to find out that Selena was a big star who most certainly could afford [to buy the whole store if she wished]. The thumb to the nose point came when she looked over and told him that she changed her mind and didn’t want to buy anything there.

th Well, Beyonce got a chance to do that for all of us [who live normal lives] that have been in that position of listening to Fiberoptic careless whispers in our earbuds-of that business representative handle us like our business didn’t matter anyways…[and he’s struggling to give you the courtesy of not flat out hanging up the phone, but the only thing that’s got him by the horn is not you being on it, but the repercussions of that HR write-up threatening his $.25 raise in a week].Bad-Service

Unless you live under a rock, On Friday December 13, in the wee hours of the morning; you know that Beyonce released her album online at iTunes which, in a mater of days, ended up selling over a million copies and was all the talk of the Webosphere.

Well, with the digital age, we are all becoming lazy and accustomed to the immediate gratification available to us and at a much cheaper price [via the click of a button at log-on; buying our books, movies, and music CD’s-then logging off and crawling right back under our comfy comforters and off the our eyelid movies or that totally melodic song we sang in our dreams that we struggle to remember how it went when we wake to the sun].

When we buy CD’s, books, make it a RedBox night or buy movies online, we leave bookstores struggling to survive, Blockbuster movie rental companies to fold, and well-let Target tell it: cause struggling sales at the department store (that sells billions over what they make in mere CD sales by the way). Although it was estimated that Target is the fourth largest seller of music in the United States, we, as customers, don’t exactly think of that hot new CD we want to head over to Target to buy (versus those awesome sale prices on home goods and big ticket items like flats screens etc). And per their music sales in percentages, although they are fourth largest in music sales, music sales contribute to only 5% of their merchandise in sales, so go figure (literally) do the math-Target caught feelings.

Beyonce_at_Target-THEN According to Billboard, Target (as a punishment to Beyonce for not giving them fair advantage of at least having them stock the CD for sale at the same damned time as she put it on sale at iTunes), closed their doors on Beyonce despite in the past, her previous album “4” being exclusively sold at Target adorned with its own “Target Edition” whoch included six additional tracks. So yeah, it’s safe to say that Target caught feelings over this, and in their best business rhetoric they could muster, they basically got the word out to the Beyonce machine: “Since you wanna be two-faced and be friends with iTunes first this time around and didn’t invite us to the party, we are not going to stock/carry your actual physical CD so kick rocks!”

Some would say Beyonce did Target one better, others would say she did Target one…competitor.

Beyonce_Walmart2  Beyonce_Walmart3  She took a stroll through a Tewksbury, Massachusetts Walmart and spread a little Christmas cheer, hugged a baby, and announced over the stores PA system that everyone’s first $50.00 balance on their purchases would be on her (in celebration of, and as a thanks for Walmart carrying her new CD). (<–click link for video)

The expense set Beyonce back somewhere around the $37,500 mark for approximately 750 customers. And although Beyonce’s estimate net worth is 300 million versus Target’s being 2.13 billion (with a market cap of 30.76 billion) + 351,000 employees. And although Beyonce has more die-hard and fanatical fans that outnumber the employee count of Target (who’s music sales merely put a 5% dent in their overall chain of sales); this move may not exactly board the doors of Target,  lose customers (not even my patronage) but it certainly served Walmart (Target’s competitor) quite well and gave us something to aspire to as we live vicariously through Beyonce publicly thumbing her nose at the competition and bringing life [to many armchair customers’ often times disregarded] words: “I’ll take my business elsewhere! smiley face2

bullseye-target-15This shot that Beyonce took [at Target] gives Target’s logo a whole new meaning. Because the next time you look at that bulls eye symbol, I’m sure you’ll think: “Bullseye. Beyonce.” Beyonce_Walmart4    walmart smiley face

Eye Spied at WENN/MSNBC

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