Philippine President Duterte, Who Claims Trump Congratulates Him On Job Well Done, Orders Military + Approve Of Civilian Killings of Drug Dealers AND Users

Philippine President Duterte hit the ground running within 5 months after becoming President and as well, made some bodies hit the ground too.

The “Thriller In Manila” is taking on a meaning all its own.

Known for his blatant disrespect of President Obama and other political wrangles as reported at our sister site, Duterte likens unapologetic killing of 3 million pushers and users to the 3 million Jews killed by Hitler.

Reportedly, dead bodies are populating the streets of the Philippines. The leader orders the military take down any, and all drug users and pushers.

Additionally, he has given his seal of approval for civilians who wish to join in.

The problem with that however, is that many of these dead bodies lying around tagged with cardboard justifications as street tombstones, are being questioned as believed to be victims deaths for reasons other than drugs.

Duterte, who claims to have gotten a personal call from Donald Trump on “doing well” so far as President, claims to have put in a call to Trump to congratulate him on his win.

Losing however, are countless Philippine natives who are caught in the middle of these daily tragedies.

As reported by ABC News, drug dealers and users are granted a type of amnesty where they are allowed to turn themselves in-in exchange for being hunted down and killed.

The problem with that is-as they are the jailed, the facility was only equipped to hold approximately 800 people yet, is overcrowded with just over 3000 people-shoulder to shoulder.



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