PHARRELL’s “Hat” Can Be Yoursssssssss If: The Price is Right……………………In that You Can Afford the 10.5k Starting Bid

pharells ebay pic  Who’da thunk what looked like a brown contraption of something that someone meticulously place atop Pharrell Williams’ head this past January’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards show would be something worth over 10.5k dollars?

Pharrell Williams  ebay pharrell  It got enough air play, laughter (and ridicule) that, even while sitting atop Pharrell’s head, it more than looked like it took on a life all its own; it really did take on a life all its own and now-can be yours if the price is right.


That’s right.

The huge fedora is being auctioned off on E-Bay (for his non-profit for at-risk youth called “From One Hand to Another”-a charity to help underprivileged youths by creating learning centers to empower children to learn through new technologies, arts, and media).

Bidding for the hat actually began at $200, reached 10.5k a few hours later, and currently stands at pharrell hat listing $11, 800 this very Sunday, February 23, 2014 date.

The leading bet calculator for calculating all your accumulation and permutation bet returns (Paddy Power) is expecting the hat could sell for about 20k by its March 2 end-date [and then from there, on that very evening-get your “happy” on by turning your television to the Academy Awards to watch Pharrell perform his infectious hit “Happy”].

After sporting the oversized hat to the Grammy’s, a bounty was put out on it and it turned out to be a skyscraper/park-ranger styled Mountain Hat designed by fashion designer: Vivienne Westwood (rather than Arbys’ hat they were in search of and having tweeted Pharrell about, in hopes of getting their beloved hat/logo back from him).

A popular Google search sparked inspiration for the hat having its own Twitter account called: @PharrellsHat.


After putting the hat up for auction, Pharrell made sure he returned a tweet back to the American fast-food sandwich chain-advising them where they could get their hat back.

pharrell-435 (1)  Arby’s red logo (of a mountain hat) must have inspired Pharrell to buy the $180.00 hat in red for himself, as he sported high hat while performing at last weekend’s NBA All-Star games .

As well, the musical hit-maker had been seen sporting the hit-making hat in grey while he visited the BBC Radio One studios in London and too, article-0-1B5EF35800000578-331_634x638 wore they grey version of it while attending the 86th Academy Awards’ luncheon in Beverly Hills last week.

Pharrell-Brit awards  As well, the Pharrell was seen in a darker version of the hat at this past Wednesday’s Brit Awards where, when questioned about it, he insists: “A friend of mine introduced me to it five years ago and I thought it was interesting. My hat’s not a big deal-I just liked it. I’m not one of those guys who has 6,000 hats. I’m very simple and modest.”

Well, considering the fact that the Grammy version of the hat has been major hits and worn by stars such as Beyonce, Jay Z, Ryan Seacrest, Ariana Grande and Puffy, hats off to our guy Pharrell—he can at least keep the red one, the darker one, and the grey one all to himself. article-2549940-1B1D2B9500000578-964_634x630

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