{Out & About} BEY & BLUE Bonding



1412433863_beyonce-467Beyonce JayZ GlobalCitizensFestival2014As [The Counting Crows’] song would have it “Have You Seen the Girl with Yellow Roses in Her Hair,” here of late, Beyonce comes to mind and back to life-straight off the heels of her most recent show at the Global Citizen’s Festival where she (along with Jay Z) performed fully clothed, dressed to the 9’s to 5: sexy-fessional, in chic, business-casual attire, hung out with other power couples like Swizzz Beatz and Alicia Keys (who too, performed at the festival),

Swizz_Alicia_Jay Z_Beyonce

…and while back in Paris; enjoyed a night of football with the 1 ½ of the Beckham’s: David, less Posh.






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Beyonce and Jay Z house hunting2
15ae605127c83f0a917de059f403d0bcffa0dd9aAlthough rumors say that the Carter’s shopping for a home in Paris, at this moment in time, Bey and Blue are somewhere in the world, counting flower petals and [off] the Run from Bey Z’s summer tour, festivals, and other performing engagements-surrounded by the serene and simple comforts of green pastures, nature, and swinging with the wind in their hair.
















With red flowers in her hair, mommy B safely guards baby B in the swing who later, gets all dolled up in mommy B’s red flowers in her hair.

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