KENDRICK LAMAR Performs w/PRINCE & Protégé 3rd EYE GIRL At Album Listening Party


kendrick lamar and prince at paisley park977b61d96c6311a6ad53be3badc7a6699a932c9d While it would be a beautiful thing to have done a write-up about Kendrick Lamar sharing the stage with Funk & Roll funkstar Prince at Paisley Park (complete with video tape proof to prove it), the fact of the matter is—I can’t produce that…no matter how hard I tried scouring over the Internet over the past couple of days to be able to come up with ‘reel’ proof of such a monumental clash of music and happening.

49e1869f860d2acb693b4e968f333f98a83898f2Believe me though when I tell you, the happening did happen and two got down for about two hours at the [Paisley Park] compound in front of a crowd of about 200, where too, a snippet of a track produced by Prince for Rita Ora was played.






If you’re any kind of a Prince fan, then you know that Prince is funny-style about the frivolous use of his music videos, music, and even lyrics being splattered across the Internet for pure enjoyment, and sharing (like we tend to do across the Internet)—even despite his promoting his long-awaited, much anticipated album and double CD (say it with me…like it’s written): Prince ‘don’t play ‘dat.

1466ea3cde5d6e57441f5e86d72dc070ef0a075bHe WILL send his Internet spies down to come see your page or YouTube channel about that.

8972b50a6a3c930c56bf6d06cabfd38d0535a01fYahoo music however, did host a live stream of the night in which Kendrick performed with Prince, and as well, his protégé-the funk group trio known as 3rd Eye Girl.

As you remember, just last week, we let you in on Lamar’s drop of his self-esteem hip-hop anthem [i] Love Myself ” which will be featured on Kendrick’s greatly anticipated album [with no date of actual release as yet].


Although there is no word if Compton’s King and Minneapolis’ Reigning Prince will be collaborating on anything that will be featured on Kendrick’s next album, ada2d9656c4c48ce1f57843b437e4b355c3c8498Prince’s double CD Art Official Age and (3rd Eye Girl)’s Plectrum Electrum dropped on September 30 and available on iTunes .

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