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  2. How I Discovered My Purpose in Life
  3. What Makes You “Unique”?
  4. Free Will, Default, and Destiny-Which Are You Living?
  5. 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Reduce Stress and Restore Your Sanity
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  10. Feeling down? 10 steps to a sunnier outlook 
  11. Why you should buy experiences, not things
  12. How you make decisions says a lot about how happy you are 

Bzs995hIMAAyYmP13 Confidence is a mind & body state 

TIP: Over thinking is a special form of fear. This fear becomes worse when adding anticipation, memory, imagination, and emotion together. 

14. What I gained when I lost my religion

15. The perfect amount of sleep, according to science

16. 3 ways to kick off the work week on a healthier note

17. How can you tell if your life is on track?

18. Neuroscience and psychiatry explain the benefits of meditation

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27. How To Get Over That Ex read on

Metaphysical reasons for physcial ailments

28. Metaphysical explanations for specifics, aches, pains and sicknesses. Find out here

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