OPRAH Evicts Stepmom Out of Humble Abode, Stepmom Spilling the Beans: Serving Soup & Secrets





….is on this list of Oprah’s not-so-favorite things these days.

BarbaraWinfreyPHOTOCREDIT_Shelley Mays_The Nashville Tennessean   Right now the media mogul is in the middle of a ghoully dispute (wiggles my fingers all ghostly) with the evil stepmother who at one time, was very much in the good graces of the talk-show host.

BarbaraWinfrey_Oprah_PHOTOCREDIT_BARBARAWINFREY_ Back in 2001, as a wedding gift, Winfrey  (wiggles wrist back and forth)  “sorta” bought her dad (Vernon Winfrey, a barbershop owner), and his then wife (Barbara Winfrey, a retired guidance counselor) a $1.4 million dollar million dollar Laurelbrooke home in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee where since then, her dad has vacated and divorced Barbara Winfrey [in 2013-on grounds of “inappropriate marital conduct”].barbarawinfrey_oprah_photocredit_barbarawinfrey

Barbara Winfrey claims that Vernon Winfrey was violent and abusive to her.

Their wedded bliss fell apart in 2012 and in November 2013, and a Williamson County judge sided with Barbara Winfrey in the divorce (which brings us back to the house Barbara Winfrey “sorta” has).
After the divorce proceedings, Oprah offered to hand over the keys to a home owned by Barbara Winfrey, by which Oprah saved from foreclosure but Barbara Winfrey refused that offer and too, refused to move [out of the $1.4 million home in Laurelbrooke].

Well, “OWN” is more than an acronym for the media mogul’s cable television network: Oprah Winfrey Network], and just to let yous know, Barbara most probably should have taken Oprah up on that offer because as the keys are turning on this [pandora’s] lock, it’s opened to the fact that Oprah Winfrey, still “own”ed the gifted home in Laurelbrooke [alongside and with the adjacent vacant lot nearby]. Both the home and the lot were kept in the name of Oprah Winfrey’s limited liability company called “Overground Railroad.”

That being said, there’s no escaping the legalities involved with having won a divorce proceeding where typically, the home would most probably be included [in the proceeding], however, Oprah Winfrey has the clamp put down and the lock and key on that end of the divorce divide and deal and WINFREY HOME_Shelley Mays_The_Nashville_Tennesseandeed—[to the home].

Barbara Winfrey, 66, didn’t want to move because she had been there [at the “sorta” house] for thirteen and a half years and stated that her financial problems have left her in a bad credit predicament and is therefore unable to buy a house on her “own.” Reportedly, to have taken up Oprah’s offer to buy the new home, would have been Barbara Winfrey’s agreeing to sign a confidentiality agreement [which she refused to do-and obviously feels like whatever confidential information she holds is worth more than the comfort of a home Winfrey could have bought for her].

In 2012 public records showed that Winfrey’s dad Vernon and his (by then) estranged wife Barbara had lost ownership of a Nashville development (which included Mr. Winfrey’s new barbershop, other property Mr. Winfrey owned, and another house Barbara Winfrey owned on Chateau Valley Lane). Oprah Winfrey’s Phoenix Trust II dropped down and put the eagle on that situation and lifted the three properties from the throes of foreclosure. That left Barbara Winfrey the option of having the Chateau Valley home “free and clear” but Barbara Winfrey refused to accept that offer (because it included having to sign that confidentiality agreement).

Barbara Winfrey stated: “I’m not going to sign anything.”

Behind that closed door was another offer behind door (and offer) number three: To sell the Laurelbrooke ($1.4 million home) and

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