OPRAH Evicts Stepmom Out of Humble Abode, Stepmom Spilling the Beans: Serving Soup & Secrets

split the proceeds equally.

Barbara declined that offer as well.

BarbaraWinfrey_Oprah_PHOTOCREDIT_BARBARAWINFREY__After several requests to vacate the premises, paperwork was filed to have Barbara Winfrey to evicted from the home, after which, she claimed she was never offered the money from the sale of the Laurelbrooke property but wanted to (now) take Winfrey up on her offer.

Additionally, Barbara Winfrey stated: “I’m not trying to stay here (just) to stay here. Where am I going to go at 66 to find someplace to live? Who’s going to rent to me? It’s not money. It’s never been about money. If it had been about money, I would have taken it and run a long time ago.”

Barbara Winfrey stated she doesn’t want any money from Oprah Winfrey yet, refused to sign the confidentiality agreement and get a home to live in “free and clear.”

Perhaps the two-part interview in which Barbara Winfrey spills several details about the cocker spaniels, Oprah and Stedman, BarbaraWinfrey_Oprah_PHOTOCREDIT_BARBARAWINFREY___ (and Oprah and Gayle), as well as secrets Oprah’s dad allegedly shared with her about Oprah).  Obviously, whatever she was paid for (or not) gave her more than the comforts of what a “free and clear” home could have ever done for her, because she sure as hell is humming like a bird to the tabloids.

In the meantime, at 9 a.m. this coming Monday, a Williamson County Judge Ernie Williams] will decide whether or not to evict the stepmom from the $1.4 million dollar suburban Nashville home.

We at Other Side of the Fame will keep you posted on the G’s, if any, going forward.


Photo credits: Shelley Mays/The Nashville Tennessean and Barbara Winfrey


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