Olympic Double-Amputee OSCAR PISTORIOUS’ Walk to Freedom After Shooting Girlfriend REEVA STEENKAMP Rescinded

It was a little like a car dealership in my town some years ago that had a reputation for sending buyers off into the sunset on their shiny new wheels—for nearly a month-whereby that time, they’ve already tricked out their rides to their customized liking and then bam! An order to take the car back was put out due to financing having “fallen through” –leaving customer pissed.

11202603_552897264865512_7257949027930444210_nSame deal surely must’ve caught Oscar Pistorius by surprise when after the 2013 shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp resulted in a lesser charge of manslaughter and carried a mere punishment of one year and prison and house arrest for the carbon fiber, blade running double amputee Olympic champion a.k.a “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius

Since then, Pistorious was out on time-served this (2015) year and put on house arrest this past October (2015), but as it seems now; his deal fell through (too) and he shall return back to the drawing board for drawing (his gun).

Without warning or rumor, on Thursday, a South African appeals court overturned the lower court’s manslaughter conviction and via Justice Lorimer Eric Leach, delivered a new ruling by a five-judge appeals court in Bloemfontein who directed the case to trial court and left if up to the North Gauteng High Court to

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