Who’s the CLIPPERS’ Pappy?

It would be definitely be-befitting: this plantation scene in a movie where a man just like Donald Sterling [is questioning] a team of black men:


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know that Donald Sterling has been forced to step down. And since then, we’ve heard rumors flying about, regarding several different industry high rollers who may be stepping into the paint

………..*in my Donald Sterling/plantation owner voice* : “TO SAVE DEM’ DERE SUCKAS”

(In case you didn’t know, or don’t know what that means), back in the days on the [slave] plantation, the owners/Donald Sterlings referred to little black kids and children as : “suckas.” To the Don Sterlings, “suckas’ ” bellies were quite useful and used to warm their feet [they placed them on the children’s bellies for that warmth].

Well although Donald Sterling himself is belly-up these days, we haven’t the slightest idea just who is going to put the smack down on taking over ownership of the team of men.

In the starting lineup, we’re going to bench Magic Johnson, for he has confirmed that he will not be taking over ownership of [the Clippers’] team.

Now although banned (all this selling Donald Sterling’s thwarted plan…tation) is contingent upon the NBA board of governors’ vote to force Sterling to sell.

But even since Magic Johnson’s confirmation of not bidding to buy, we’ve gotten word and heard rumors of a lineup of the likes of:



…and along with her, prospective business partners:

DavidGeffenPA250712-590x360 David Geffen ?

larry_ellison_oracle_ceo  Larry Ellison are also interested in stepping in the paint (so we hear).

Ellison is the CEO of the business software and technology company: Oracle and has attempted to purchase several sports teams over the recent years so this is right up his alley and interest.

David Geffen is a business tycoon, and philanthropist, producer, and film studio exec most noted for creating Asylum Records (1970), Geffen Records (1980) and then DGC Records (1990).


With Magic [Johnson] having bowed out and this TMZ video of Oprah confirming no bids (despite countless web sources saying different), wedon’t know (for sure) if either in the lineup are seriously bidding for the team takeover but one thing’s for certain and two, (three, or four-for sure): like Bernie Mac did (and said) at the end of the clip: “I’m da pappy!”

I beg of you, I emplore you………..Tell us…Who’s the pappy?

…Because this is all starting to seem like the line-up in the movie while the world sits and waits on one of these moguls to pull a Bernie Mac, like around the : 24 minute mark in the clip-and scream aloud: “I’m da pappy!”

Stop playing us like suckas!




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