The Story Behind JADA PINKETT-SMITH’s CNN Documentary On The Secret Life of Being “About That Life”

The line: “The game is to be sold, not told” …is a common riddle throughout the hood and street life, and is presented as if it’s some poetic, sweet sonnet that means nothing other than something positive, righteous, real, and true….but in a nutshell: Prosperous.

Well, “the game being sold and not told,” has a secret, (well,sort of)…and that “secret” has evolved beginning with this:

  •  In the late 90’s it was: “I’m in school/I’m putting myself through school.”
  •  In the early 2000’s through mid 2000’s it was still: “I’m in school/I’m putting myself through school.

But by the time the web cracked itself open worldwide-the game to be told went “worldwide” and “global,” so then (by late 2000) it moved to:

  •  “I host parties.”

By 2014 it turned into a front face more sophisticated:

  • “I’m a model” 
  • I sell real-estate
  • “book me”

jada  Unfortunately, when the web cracked itself open worldwide, many-a women opened sesame right with it and what at one time was shunned and looked upon as a woman’s last crack at life-is now glorified, revered, circulated and celebrated. Unfortunately (today) on the outside looking in; it is looked at as being an occupation that is sure to lift you from the throes of poverty and into the pearly gates of success, independence and fame…so it seems.

The unfortunate part about being on the outside looking in is [the fact that]: the game is sold, but the secret is not told-literally. But the secret is this, (come closer):

For order for you to garner that “certain” kind of independence, you have to be selling more than what’s obvious and on display. Don’t knock the hustle, but let me tell it to you since you want to come-a-knockin.’

download  download (2)  For the record, as a result of her daughter: Willow Smith (who originally brought this matter to Jada’s attention), the problem with human sex-trafficking has been more than a cause to add to her celebrity resume and has extended even beyond helpless 13 year-olds being forced and sold into sex trafficking, but too, grown women willing and being lured into sex trafficking in order to “have a living.”

jada_will_capital hill For over a year now, it’s been her mission in life to not just write about it, and “create awareness” but to do something about it.

images (2)  Since becoming aware of it, the world over; actor, director, singer: Jada Pinkett-Smith has been researching human sex trafficking and just recently touched down on the underground world of sex trafficking through the strip club pipeline (in Atlanta)—only to discover just how prevalent the lifestyle is:


As it pertains to what she’s saying, behind Jada’s culture shock (about reality v. perception) are these things:

Unfortunately (via a woman’s version or “classy” presentation) no matter how “different than her” or “but I don’t do strip or do what she does to get money”:

I’m in school/I’m putting myself through school.”

 “I host parties.”

“I’m a model.”

I sell real-estate.”

“Book me.”

…is still the front face [of the] game sold–the secret language of never saying or revealing: “the most of what I have to offer, who I am, and who I may or may not be is in that front face. But with my face in the place I stand a much better chance of not having to work so hard and take so long to get [my life and my money in this lifetime].”

Whether it be for fame/to be famous, in hopes to get rich and famous, or in hopes to just strike it rich (even if “fame” isn’t the goal or game) the common unspoken secret and sentiment is still the fact that…on the scene where all the doings in the dark and the fastest biggest money is at (especially in 2014); it’s all one in the same:

  • See me
  • Save me
  • Discover me
  • Pay me



Whether they hail from Atlanta or Alaska, the Internet is the interface that affords the lifestyle to be “glorified” behind all these women’s deep down sadness, lonely nights, and/or daily fights (in the name of “grind”), to get that gold mine and/or that shine…

The root of the matter is this:

All women want to be loved (no matter how diesel and strong, or her need to “be independent” is). She wants to be loved, or “wifed,” or even “girlfriend”ed just like the next traditional woman who does not live the night-life.

Sometimes [for these types of women, their saying they “need to be independent” and a “boss” is because they already feel and know that getting that traditional kind of love, is out the window (because of how they live at night). They are not dumb-they know-so their rationalizing comes with the fact that what they do, they know they have to do it major so as to not get [traditional] “rations.”



Secret to be told is that all men know “hustle” whether he’s a hustler, a lame, or not.

All men know that as a society [per his gender role expectations] a part of his own manhood’s worth is secretly attached to how much he has. So since he knows the things he has to do, will do, (or even afraid to do) to obtain that; he knows that if a woman is out there on that kind of scene “hustling” and in the company of men-he is very aware of how far she will go [to get that money-she’s already out there].

Men know that when they (themselves) are “grinding” or hustling” to get their life and money, it’s a lot of action and a whole gumbo of things said, done, and happening to get it. So he knows that if all a woman is doing to get it-is using her face/image and body [to get it], he knows she has to pay with lay, all men are very aware of what that price is for that. All men know the kinds of things that come with such an “easy” way in-to getting your money (despite how hard the rest of the way and lay).

All men know the ways they (themselves) have to put out in order to hustle for money requires a whole lot of action/doing. They know hustle is hard. So if a woman’s way to hustle is as easy as her face and body-despite her front face (“dancing,” “hosting parties,” “modeling” or “selling real estate”) he knows what that entails.


These kinds of women already know in the backs of their minds, what’s in the backs of men’s minds, therefore she hustles hardest to ensure she is independent from needing a man to “wife” her in order for her to get her life. And that comes with a very high price of doing more than doing what is obviously on display (of that front face).

It’s like the black market of selling CD’s on the street corner. It’s so common now that no one man is making any more than the next one.

In the context of the kind of night life we are speaking of, what’s obvious and on display-whether stripping, “hosting parties,” “modeling” or “selling real estate” [as a front face] the bigger game is that your money is no bigger than the next woman doing the same thing. The only thing that separates these kinds of women apart from the next is all that she does outside of the front face and what’s on display (or seen, saved, or discovered in order to get paid).



Behind their traditional dreams having gone down the drain to this lifestyle is this reality: The average “h0e” that sleeps with men for free stands a better chance of being the “h0e” turned into a housewife versus the one who’s hustling for money for one reason and one reason only: All men (because they are men) know the things that come with hustling for money [in the night life kind of lifestyle] therefore she’s right back to the drawing board where here traditional dreams may never be realized.

Although how she lives may very well be glorified, she knows that the nightmare of that “dream” is what she hopes for on every nightly basis that “Ms. Independent” is hustling and stacking that paper for herself: that someone does see her, someone does save her and/or someone does discover her so that she may never have to be “about that life” (for pay and a living) ever again.

images (3)  But until then, the nightly show must go on…(that + everything else that comes with it).


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