No More Drama: SPIKE LEE & TYLER PERRY…Dine. No Whine.

You remember:

spikelee_tylerperry2 Well, there’s proof that we can all change (or co-exist).

BhazYBJIEAAL3ON Getting close. Party over here. Lol.

BhbYks9IgAAIfvo “Getting closer 😉

…or…at least sit next to one another in the same room at the same time…and dine. Marinate on this:

BhcJWpRIEAA5z1s “Look who I decided to sit right next to tonight 😉

spikelee_tylerperry It’s been no secret that the two writer-director’s haven’t the friendliest energy between them…And…Oh…I could go all into the whole astro-Gods reasons behind the fact that one’s a Virgo and one’s a Pisces, and go all into that that– “7-7 Pattern of Opposition” explanation 🙂  (Chapter 13), but instead, I’ll hold my hands up and say *in my Oprah/Sofia/Color Purple Voice* : “When I seen’ch’you I know’ddddd there isa God!*


Cross our fingers, shall we?

BhcY5FEIAAAvYnH  “All done. Now time to party. “

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