KANYE Sits with SETH

Sure, it hasn’t been close to a full six months yet since Kanye’s sabbatical/vow of silence. And in true Gemini form, Kanye West has already broken it.

 kanye5   Well for me, I wasn’t really with that. You don’t have to silence yourself just to silence the noise around you who point fingers and claim you’re too much noise around them-for who are they? Silence yourself when you personally feel the need to regroup, or regroup from group-think, not ‘cause group-think thinking people feel you should.

That’s what I think. Even Kanye’s buddy-Jay Z rapped it best:

Wait, tell them rumble young man rumble. Try to dim your lights tell you be humble.”


kanye_imthefuckingbest  You’re no less humble because you speak your mind, your heart…….(or about your greatness), I guess.

kanye shrug  *Kanye shrug*

kanye4 In that regard, we all know that the genius (a.k.a Kanye West) needs no introduction, or explanation (only interpretation at times) from somebody who understands, perhaps. And well, I do. I do understand.

kanye  Our guy Kanye hit the television circuit last night (Tuesday) where he sat down with Seth Meyers’ on the set of his new show Late Night [with Seth Meyers] where he discussed his ideals as a fashion designer and in true Kanye fashion, also had this to say:

kanye2 “You know, I have synesthesia – I can see sound in front of me. So when I wanna do fashion, I just wanna give you sculptures.” 

Although our source from whence this story came says: “Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kanye interview without an outlandish reference to a historical genius, and West didn’t disappoint…”

kanye7 …before quoting our guy Kanye as having said: “So it’s like Michelangelo – the Church wanted him to paint, and he wanted to do sculptures,”

kanye6  In defense of our guy Kanye, and as the astro-Gods would have it, know this:

gemini symbol He is Gemini.  Planet: Mercury: Gemini/Planet Mercury is the house of communication.

First, let me give you some other Gemini’s in music:

  • -Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes
  • -Lauryn Hill
  • -Coco (SWV)
  • -Tupac
  • -Ice Cube (remember NWA?)
  • Prince

…just to name a few.

I bet you’re nodding your head right about now aren’t ya?

Pointing your finger at me and saying: “Ohhhhhh I get it now.”

Sooooooooooooooooooo. There you have it. It’s just a “Gemini” thing.

In the words of Kanye himself: “WaitaMinuteWaitaMinute I’ma let you finish…”

But first, may I explain Mercury/“Gemini” for you quickly (as the Mercurial/Astro-Gods would have it)?

Mercury: COMMUNICATION. Mercury Rules: Gemini

A time when we are receiving, transmitting and giving information by way of writing, signals, talk, gestures, telephone, television or radio. Mercury is associated with intellect, the brain, mental perception and day-to-day travel.


(Gemini)-rules intelligence, mental activity, communication. Reveals short journeys, the urge to acquire knowledge and communicate it to others. Mercurial Gods share a dual nature: deceitful as well as friendly. Quick witted, fast talking, chatty, informative, volatile and energetic. Excellent in debate or argument, anxious, spontaneous, outspoken, enigmatic, rational, clever, intelligent, inconsistent, meddlesome, a gossip, curious, persuasive, over conscientious, overly intellectual, dualistic, manipulative, forthright, lacks sense of purpose, rude, indiscriminate, uncontrolled nervous energy bringing about mental strain and stagnation, argumentative, slick, cynical.

Are we cool now guys? Are we “here” now? ..see eye to eye? 

*wiggles my index and middle fingers back and forth from my eyes to yours*

Need to know the source from whence that information came? Just click here, I’ll gladly explain.

 kanye3  In the meantime, here a a few short clips from the interview F.Y.Entertainment

To see the full interview and Kanye perform the medley of his greatest hits click here.

Source: PeopleMag, NBC , AngelaSherice

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