NICKI MINAJ Offers To Pay Student Loans For Some of Her Lucky Fans

It’s just my luck that (just last week on Twitter) I made a statement about speaking with my student loan agency regarding my astronomical student loan payment.

Fast forward. A week later and Nicki proposes to pay some student loans.

Well, I’d like to entertain the thought that she was subtweeting me but I’m not on Nicki Minaj’s favorite list of bloggers out her in these brutal blogging skreets.

That said, I can’t shoot my shot at this recent news but I y’aint no hater so I’m gonna turn the the tassel your way.

The rap star is following in the footsteps of her “Flawless” collaborator, Beyonce, who recently announced a Spelman scholarship in the name of, and because of her Lemonade success-one year ago and one in which she also became the winner of a Peabody Award for the HBO digit-short being of great visual art.

On Twitter, the High School High rap star announced that with proof of straight A’s and a poppin’ GPA, she’s offering to pay more that $20,000 in student loans for dozens of her fans and followers.

Tune in to our friends over at NBC who has even more deets on this story!

Author: Angela Sherice

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