If It Quacks Like A Duck: May 8 – SALLY YATES Testifies Re: Russian Ties To U.S Election & On May 9 – TRUMP Fire’s FBI Bureau Head: JAMES COMEY

If astrology is psuedo, I guarantee you, of any other 11 zodiac signs, dealings with a Gemini (person) will never defy the trait’s vice and negatives.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, in serious life matters-that affect your life, limb, and property-what you don’t do is ever trust the (solid words) of a Gemini. They are as dual natured, double-talking and twin/split minded and ‘actioned’ as fraternal twins themselves on so many levels. They will NEVER prove you wrong in that regard astrology or person. Anyone who KNOWS a Gemini can certainly hand you some duel-doings stories of Gemini that will and have topped any other person they’eve ever known or come across.

Down to earth, brass taxes and politics however.

We need not belabor the obvious that Donald Trump (Gemini)  has been called to the carpet on old Tweets and new goings on and saying one thing and being found to be doing another.

Donald Trump’s obsession with being an unconventional, ‘celebrity’ president (who hates the media, loves Tweeting, and behaving and being anything less than ‘presidential’) got his chance to continue to relive his NBC Apprentice boardroom life and catch phrase: “You’re fired.”

Of all the things he dare not mention, having admitted the presidency is tougher than he thought, his fantasized of whipping out a pen and delegating, demoting his way thought the White House were quickly dashed. It hurts to ‘want to be president’ and not only not be qualified, but having no clue about what your 5th grade social studies class told you, no college education in politics or mere tour of duty to decorate your resume, having no clue about the steps involved of the relation to what Congress is to the presidency bruised his ego in ways he never image.

So in his first 100 days, what he could control, he did. By executive order pen wielding and affecting the life, limb and property of many-up to and including firing U.S Attorney Sally Yates (for not backing him on his travel ban this past January).

Fast forward.

Despite the fact that (just in October last year) he praised FBI Director James Comey for his handling of the Hilary Clinton email scandal

…people are questioning the timing of why he fired Comey now.

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Poli-is certainly ticking as Senator Elizabeth Warren, and countless others, are speculating this firing is because Trump’s iron in the fire and ties to Russia coming to close for his (and every bod else’s) comfort.



When Comey got the letter of termination, this came as such as shock that even he-himself thought he was being pranked [at a letter, especially, taking a moment to interject]: “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau.”

Such double-talk and total about x slap in the face given his praise of this very same man this past Halloween day.

Well Boo! The scary is the devil in the further (ironic?) details:

That May 9, 2017 letter of termination is no prank as, Donald Trump got his chance to re-enact his “You’re Fired,” catch phrase once again for old times sake. However, this is being met with major skep as, too, it was just May 8, 2017 U.S Attorney Sally Yates testified before the Senate subcommittee-Russia’s ties to the U.S election (this past November—the one that Donald Trump uh…”won.”



If it looks like a Aflac, and quacks like affect….


You connect the dots, dammit.

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Author: Angela Sherice

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