NICKI MINAJ in Rare Form: Little Brother’s Birthday Party w/Friends & Family

2f9f3ceab83511e3bf2412329a6f3ed4_8 Since being off tour, Nicki Minaj has been making quite a statement around the Internet by totally revamping her look, style, and more importantly, taking time off to be Onika Miraj: spending lots of time with her true friends and family these days-the quintessential and biggest payoff when all is said and done.

30600c30aec711e3b09c124f9765a15b_8 If you remember (and are a true Nicki fan) then you also remember how smitten she was with her little younger brother that she adored (who’s now a big boy)-when VH1 aired her rockumentary where, towards end video (around the 39:00-end video mark) she refers to the him as her “little lamb chop” while describing how big his eyes were when their eyes first met.

Well, what a difference a few years makes as the little lamb chop is now a 16 year old young man that Nicki gave a party for where she invited all her family and friends + shared her joy with her fans.

See the rare-form gallery of her little brother’s festivities + “Nicki Minaj” as Onika Miraj sharing fun with family and close friends.

Enjoy 🙂




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