KE$HA Only Keeping Positive Motivating Forces Within Her Life Should You Ever Feel the Need to Wonder Why, Read on

When we did a write-up about the artist formerly known as Ke$ha entering rehab, it was not just for show, play or stunt. She meant business about getting her life, her thoughts, and her self centered when upon entering rehab for all things atypical: Wanting to love herself again-exactly as she was.

Well, as we also reported, not only did she ditch the dollar sign from her stage name [Ke$ha], she’s also ditched other dampers and all other negativity from her life as well says a friend: “She has eliminated all of the negative people and influences in her life. She has surrounded herself with only supportive and loving friends and family” the friend tells People Magazine.

Another source added that while settling into making Los Angeles her new home, she is “laying low” and is “in a really good place.”

“Kesha is back to practicing self-love and is at peace with herself,” adds the friend.

“She’s found her inner strength and focus again.”

Good for KeSha.


Source: People Mag

Author: OSFMagWriter

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