Alls been quiet on the Nick Gordon front ever since eye-twitching interview he shouldn’t have been let out the gate to do with Dr. Phil [that one day we’re sure even he wants to forget].

Obviously, any wish of Nick Gordon keeping hope alive that someday soon he would get his wish to see Bobbi Kristina [held at bay by dad Bobby Brown and his lawyers request that Nick adhere to undisclosed terms before being granted permission] have been thwarted.



With rumors rising and falling (between fans, family and other well-wishers) that Bobbi Kristina is breathing on her own and things turned around for the better since that fateful January 31 day she was found submerged in the bathtub, all hoped (and reported) that a full recovery was near.




The fact of the matter is, although living and breathing; her quality of life will forever be compromised.

As a father, yearning for pulse and breath from your child laying there helpless, any sign of life and pulse from the coma she lay in is good + big news. So when Bobby spoke out to a crowd that Bobbi Kristina’s condition was such that had us all up in arms, wishfully thinking she was next to walking around; is what we’d all ascertained-the fact that she was merely breathing on her own was the equivalent to that man-it’s his child.

As it turned out however, the fact of that matter is: Despite breathing on her own, she will never return to the up, vibrant, life and living spirit she was before the incident (as per her grandmother, Whitney Houston’s mother-Cissy Houston).

With reality stepping into her father’s hopeful view, news of his having to come to full acceptance Bobbi Kristina has to be taken into his consciousness too: that body, mind and spirit, right where Bobbi Kristina is right now is where she’s at: until _________ (fill in the blank-however you hope, pray, accept, realize, or wish).




Be that as it may, as much as the family, the public and all would like to, the obvious cannot be belabored: Bobbi Kristina was indeed and in LITERAL deed: The heir of her famous mother’s fortune.

So there are two sad realities here:

This issue, right now, with her life, and what happens after, should there be, death. At this point, no one can ignore either.




Meanwhile, while Bobby and Cissy are (reportedly) duking it out right now, Nick Gordon’s brother (James Walker) took to ExtraTV and spoke with AJ Calloway to sprinkle a bit of information shock value for television worthy: That Whitney Houston, Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina have all done drugs together.

I don’t know what, why at this time this is being brought up but here goes:


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