B!tch Can’t Kill His Vibe: KENDRICK LAMAR Back With New Track “I (Love Myself)”


Kendrick Lamardownload (3)Kill his vibe? I think not.

B!tch Don’t Kill My Vibe rapper writer Kendrick Lamar is back with a new track called “I (Love Myself).”

download (1)It’s light-hearted and feel-good differently than the usually passionate Good Kid Maad City rapper whose lyrics and delivery are known to + subject to draw you in with a frowned brow and intense listening experience, like such, on his set with Imagine Dragons:

Kendrick will…Kendrick will rock you… Period. When he’s all-in, he raps like his life (by verse’s-end) depends on it. While rapping, he has a knack for bringing you in to what’s he’s feeling.

images (4)Lamar switched his style up a bit with this track: a sample of the classic R&B soul sounds of the Isley Brothers’ “Who’s That Lady” [teetering on their other hit: “Harvest for the World” if your ears aren’t careful].

images (3)Tread lightly though when you take a listen to the lyrics Lamar spits in the song-as it undoubtedly is antithetical of his usual hungry, small guy with the lethal, venomous, bite-fighting-for-the-mic-with-a vengeance style that we’ve all grown to know, love, and differentiate from any other rapper.


images (7)

We’re So Vain, We Probably Think This Song is About Him…

In case you wonder if since long last we heard from Kendrick, any “B!tch” succeeded in killing his vibe, let his new music play and consult with finding the answer here in the lyric audio:

images (5)As far as a release date?

He’s mum on that.

We still have yet to be blessed with the release date of Lamar’s full-length album but he told Rolling Stone that this time, there would be no features or cameos from a plethora of his peers [quote] “I have so much to say, it’s almost selfish of me” [unquote] said Hip Hop‘s I (Love Myself) rapping python.

Oh? Besides my write up, you wanted to know my feelings about it?

It’s obvious that Kendrick is sticking to the plan and formula where his thoughts and heart is-versus trying to put out the next (strip) club banger laced with lyrics about “h03s” and his indifference and detachment from ‘em, drinking, night life [wake up and repeat the next day]. He’s in a zone right now: his own. Yet, it’s still a club banger nonetheless. After the spoken interlude-you can’t help but submit to get out of your seat and on to your feet.

I can respect that he’s going out on a limb and working this his way without the distraction and pressure to put out more of the same-but still, managing not to lose his dopeness. That’s hard to balance in rap…in music period.

In order to appreciate a track like such-with fierce lyrics like such laced over it; you have to be able to expand your music/production knowledge and horizons. Most trap rap fans wouldn’t get this rap experience he’s delivering to you.

Most rap/rappers would struggle to spit dope lyrics like such over an atypical track like such even the best of the best. It’s a confusing for dope lyrics to be attached to it.

And if it’s true, what we mentioned (above) about his yet untitled upcoming CD “he told Rolling Stone that this time, there would be no features or cameos from a plethora of his peers [quote] “I have so much to say, it’s almost selfish of me” [unquote]”…well, I’m all ears-waiting with baiting breath.

That’s another unusual in rap right now. So I’m ready to listen.

Don’t mind me-scroll to the stop of the OSF big screen, press play and rock with my guy Kendrick!

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