BEYONCE in her Baby Bump & Briefs in the Buff: Nearly Three Years Later BEY Z Lets Us All Behind Their Life On The Run


images (52)Unless you live under a rock, then you know that Roc Nation head: rapper Jay Z, along with his R&B wife: Beyonce, ended the last night of their On the Run tour in Paris, France where they performed a two-night show on September 12 and 13.

Cable channel HBO commandeered the night of September 20 beginning at 9/8c when they aired the greatly anticipated special to the world [for all those who didn’t catch up with the Bey Z machine while they were on the run].

Although there were many surprises and firsts onstage, one significant and poignant piece stood out among all: The first time ever (since the birth and life of their lively daughter) has anyone ever seen pics/footage of Beyonce in the buff: Preggers.

1411455280302_wps_109_Young_Forever_Halo_OnTheROn stage that night, Jay Z set the scene up such that all the fans put their lighters up (whether it be actual lighters, or the light from their cell phones)—all eyes were on Bey (doing what the late Joan Rivers surely would’ve approved of and adored): Standing in front of the wind machine with her hair and garment gone with the wind while she sang what seemed like a national anthem however, a mix of “Young Forever” and “Halo” as the rapper stood proud with emotion as memories of their life as one played across the big screen for the world to see.

It was as if for the first time, the private couple opened the doors of their home to let the world in on all that was doubted and dissed: That the likes of Beyonce would dare be so un-vain so as to actually go half on a baby and bare a child the Get Me Bodied / [My Body’sToo] Bootylicious singer’s body.

1411454676276_wps_90_Young_Forever_Halo_OnTheRThis put all the silly and surrogacy rumors to rest (that for almost four years now) they never jumped to prove to the world of naysayers.

Still, with nothing left to prove, instead, they shared the approximately six-minute footage of their special moments past, which included snippets of their 2008 wedding, vacays while sipping wine and parlaying, their matching tattoo moment, as well as the moment new mom/R&B diva Beyonce first held her child, and more.

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