MUHAMMAD ALI To Be Eulogized By BILL CLINTON, BRYANT GUMBEL, BILLY CRYSTAL – Lays To Rest in Louisville June 10

Muhammad Ali doesn’t lose fights, heaven just needed a fighter.

The world was stuck and moved to shocked emotion when [the Greatest Of All Time] heavyweight boxing champion died.

Known for sticking and moving, Muhammad Ali, 74, passed away on the evening of Friday, June 3rd. His cause of death [quote] “septic shock due to unspecified natural causes,” [end quote]

A couple of days following a brief stay in a Phoenix hospital for a respiratory infection, the fighter peacefully went on to glory.



Daughter Laila Ali stated that despite the hurt she and the family are feeling at this time, she breathes a sigh of relief that her father is no longer suffering. Given the 32 years he lived and fought with Parkinson’s disease, the long-winded fighter fought a good fight [she felt] it was time. Although he was still as “pretty” and strong willed as well known [for] and in his right mind; consciously, he was not in right body. Laila felt he suffered in that physical state for far too long and is at peace with his now resting.



Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1996, and although it was never confirmed or denied, it was believed that his years of fighting caused of his condition. Either way, regardless, Ali was supported and cared for by his family unconditionally.



Cashius Clay DAN GROSSI _ AP


Boxing since age 12 and born Cassius Clay and having fallen in love with, the understanding of, and faith in Islam; Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

Ali was best known for his pounding, his “pretty,” his prowess, and his philosophies about life and the world-all centering around how to be human and how to stick and move it in.



Revered and respected for his conviction and outspokenness (during a time when to be

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