#HappyBirthdayPrince: MINNESOTA Declares #PrinceDay Official Today-June 7

Prince always was and still is official.

Prince Vintage

As we all know, the private, reclusive artist stayed true to his stomping ground and Minnesota roots (from birth ’til death did he part on that elevator that brought us all down and made us all go crazy] that fateful April 21st day.

As a blogger, blogging the chain of events leading to his unexpected death, I will never forget (and freeze framed how this ‘f’ went down):

Prince sick to death at Other Side of the Fame

Since that day Prince died, I cried for weeks and at least once a day, I shed a tear for Prince for, I miss this little big guy so-sharing this universe.

Complete with a certificate and announced by Gov. Mark Dayton, the city of Minnesota granted Prince a bit more than a key to the city but rather, declared #PrinceDay be a city holiday of sorts on June 7-his bornday.

Prince Day

In case you didn’t know, Prince adamantly stood against the free market Internet and all other freebies most artists have fallen victim to (for fear of losing their fanbase and ‘relevancy’) but Prince insisted on holding on to the integrity of his work being respected and paid for (versus cashing in staying ‘relevant’ and giving it for free).

I noted that as a segue into (and apology) for posting this reel that

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