For You, From: #MeToo (18+)

Besides servicing subscribers of, personally, this weekend was filled with lots to do and move. But I wasn’t out of the know.

If YOU were out of the know though, last week was pretty intense.

A major meteor made manifest-many a Hollywood suppositions that turned out to be true after all. Often times, that “coveted role” required a rolling number of women (and even men) to play ‘impromptu’ roles they didn’t audition for: being inappropriately propositioned in order to secure starring in positions in Tinseltown–while in search of a dream and the gold.

On our other blog, we posted a blog about the damning annoyance of being a woman in receipt of unwanted advances and catcalls from strange men. An Amsterdam woman decided to turn these moments into memories via selfies-so as to bring to life, what it looks like—and feels like.

I chimed in on that so as to explain how subtle things that we as women can do can make a difference in inadvertently teaching men what NOT to do when approaching a girl or woman.

Fast forward.

After a major Hollywood (real life) sex-scandal sent shock waves through the media and masses, the masses found out that we (too) had something in common.

A rather painful movement gave birth to a name called ” #MeToo.”

Co-starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg, a fave from one of my favorite movies “Fear” decided to do something brave: Suggest that any woman in receipt of sexual harassment, or unwanted advances to any degree-step out on faith armored with the hashtag #MeToo

In a concerted effort, the movement inspired women to come out of the dark. And just like that, a light came on. It was through one Hollywood scandal that, like a marquee, a light was shined on such a taboo and often buried subject about a prominent problem that typically yields imminent shame–and silence.

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Image result for mark wahlberg alyssa milano fear


Author: Angela Sherice