Met Gala Messy: KHIA Accuses BEYONCE Of Stealing Her Style | KIM KARDASHIAN Accused of Stealing BEYONCE’s

Although defunct, one hit wonder, 90s rapper Khia will probably never see a ticket to a Met Gala, let her tell it-she was:



Well, they say you get it how you live it.

And when-typically you look and live near royalty (complete with overly-patronizing peasants and Internet “Beyhive” at your feet even without you having to beck or call or beck) to whom that role is given-much is expected.


So when you cash in looking like money for looking “hood” (even for a night) in preparation for entrance of “The Rihanna” you step into hood territory-and in walked hood chic and defunct, one-hit wonder: rapper Khia–claiming the likes of Beyonce stole her look [for her Monday night Met Gala digs].

Well unfortunately, Rihanna (in all her fashion-risk typical fabulousness) switched her game up.



…This year, she showed up at this year’s Met Gala practically wrapped in a comforter, which in turn; shined the spotlight on Beyonce’s “costume:” a sheer (see-though) long gown adorned with gold encrustations covering the essential parts. Actually, had the risqué gown been worn with a better, freer/loose hairstyle (perhaps a messy-sexy bun or up-do), it probably could have gone over less skanky and “hoodchic” (and kept Khia at bay).

There is a fashion rule (whether you are Beyonce or “BeShayShay”)

You absolutely, positively cannot skank out from head to toe.

  • If the top is skanky-the bottom must be opposite.
  • If the bottom is skanky, the top must be opposite.
  • If (like Beyonce) you are skanky neck to toe: That hair has got to be sexy, loose, free. “I Dream of Jeanie” ponytails are always skanky and have their own statement (even stand-alone or with conservative head-to-toe style).

There was nothing classy, or “billion dollars on a elevator” about Beyonce’s “costume” (devoid of the Met Gala “China” theme this year). And whether you like it or not, the likes of Beyonce simply is not allowed to put out: “skanky” especially after deeming oneself Queen Bee/ King or “billion dollars on a elevator.” No ma’am. If she would have loosened the hairstyle-it could have worked, though.


But,  hey Vanessa Belle Calloway (Coming to America) wasn’t complaining. So, Khia can chill now.


Kim Kardashian however, didn’t make it out past the night unscathed as, she was accused mimicking Beyonce’s gown from a previous engagement.



Kim explained the inspiration behind her gown came from non-other than the queen of Bob Mackie costumes and gowns: Cher.





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