JAMIE FOXX Explains National Anthem Faux Pas + Premiers New Song “Baby’s in Love”

As you may well know, Jamie Fox was invited to sing the national anthem before this past weekend’s Mayweather-Pacquiao fight which didn’t turn out too well.

Although Jamie Foxx isn’t exactly a slouch at the mic, seeing as though he is a comedian too, no one knew how to take to the patriotic display [and musical faux pas].

I mean comedianne Roseanne Barr stood in front of an entire stadium and chopped and screwed to national anthem before, so…



All things considered, as it turned out, according to Foxx there were indeed some technical problems.

The singer-comedian sat down with Ellen and explained:



…and too, performed his new song “Baby’s in Love” from his fifth studio album titled A Story of a Dozen Roses due out May 18.



Check him out.

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