Little Boy Overcome with Emotion During “Say Something” by CHRISTINA AGUILERA & GREAT BIG WORLD

download (3)  If you think kids aren’t good judges of melody-and how a song can make you feel; think again.

Trust me, I can identify with this too.

My mom was a classic pop and R&B fanatic and I can remember being around this little boy’s she would play a song that had lyrics about wanting to just forget everything and go out in the rain.…and it had like…light rain sounds playing in the background or whatever. That song would send me to tears. I mean would go into a deep, huffing and sniffing kinda cry when she would play that song. And one day she turned to me and said: “Angie. What’s wrong?”

I remember responding: “I can’t help it but that song makes me cryyyyyy so harrdddddddd” and head would drop so low. It had an affect on me that I can’t explain. But it made me totally melancholic. It could interrupt any emotion I was feeling and take me DOWN-man I swear.

I’m not gonna say this out loud but even today-my adult self, Jay Z’s “Song Cry” has had me tearing up mid conversation–and having to turn my head to pull myself together, so…

At any rate, when I heard about this little boy I totally understood his little plight.

 download (6)  I’m not even gonna say anymore—except that, not only is it a small world, and funny how certain (familiar) things make their way back to you; but A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera did a number on this lil’ guy. I feel his pain, Trust me.

Check him out:

…Cute. Let’s cut the lil guy some laughing slack. Hell, I think I probably cried over that very same song and deleted a text with its lyrics I almost sent out just the other day: download

I totally understand. And get it.


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