The Numbers Are In: At $115 Million Viewers BRUNO MARS & CHILI PEPPERS’ SUPER BOWL Half-Time Show Surpassed BEYONCE’s


safe_image (1)  For the record (literally) just so you know–last night’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show hit two records:

  • It beat Beyonce’s 2013 viewership’s Half-Time performance record
  • It was the highest tweeted Half-Time show in the lifetime of Twitter (something around the 25 million-tweets range), I’ll have you know.

images The world had to prepare itself last night: not for when Bruno Mars becomes a millionaire-no, he’s already accomplished that. What the world wasn’t prepared for was his musical genius and top notch stage performance that blinded us all with science, indeed…in deed. And indeed: he set that stage on fire in such a way that will forever go down in Super Bowl history and as well, sets the precedent for who shall ever cometh after that (next year and going forward); has got a job on their hands: in deed.

bruno  We all know and love Bruno Mars for images (17) his artistry, images (7) his cool way, his  boyish good looks images (9) and images (1) silky singing voice and talent; but regardless his ability to command an audience; in comparison to what he delivered last, he was highly underestimated and we just didn’t know it-until the live Half-Time Super Bowl show began when he first came out showing off drummer skills that immediately caught us all off-guard and by surprise. He opened up kicking the doors right in.

  Bfgzga-CEAAXIXY The world was stunned.

   Bfg0ElACAAAso4l  At that point, Mars showed us earthlings that he (indeed, in-deed), was blessed sure out of this world.

images (18)  No one could have prepared and expected that a guy that [although has cranked hit after hit consistently since hitting the scene around 2010] would be able to knock music’s most popular diva’s greatly anticipated Super Bowl Half-Time record clear off its square-especially having been on the music scene for such a short length of time [in comparison to Beyonce]. 

2595489-bruno-mars-hands-617-409  Mars appeared to have thrown pixie-dust in our eyes and blinded us with a kind of a science that (firstly) I am more than sure would have made the likes of Michael Jackson, and James Brown proud, while remixing his version of a modern day doo-wop rhythm and blues of bands clearly before his time: Otis Day and the Knight’s [“Shama Lama Ding Dong”].

hi-res-a1da938ad6da3ac2ccfa6e3f8eae5217_crop_north-  Bruno Mars managed to never lose the audience into forgetting that he was singing his very own songs yet, threw us all off while he danced and painted that stage with choreography, moves, and footwork like some of music’s greats, and managed to capture over 100 million people from all walks of life and music genres in just less under fifteen minutes time, and too, images (10)  left that stage letting it be known that he would (indeed) be one tough act to follow. And that…he was, and is [one tough act to follow, literally] and gave a brand knew meaning to fifteen minutes of fame.

images (19)

Don’t believe me, just watch:

With Mars’ international tour scheduled to begin February 28 and the North American leg to begin April 18, as a result of his Super Bowl performance; he’s guaranteed to sell out every single show.

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