LINDSAY LOHAN’s Famous Tryst List Coming to a Tablet & Computer Near You


…Talk about strange ironies. The very day that Lindsay Lohan gets her Other Side of the Fame write-up cherry broken, it would have to involve “Firecrotch” huh?



 download (32) images (37) download (33)  Who can forget the notorious nickname that sent shockwaves throughout popular culture-when Hollywood socialite and heir:

 images (38)  Brandon Davis adorned Lindsay Lohan with that god-awful, blatantly disrespectful, teetering on part compliment-part insult [depending on what/ how your imagination looks like, or, what, if any, like or dislike for the girl] you have.

images (40)  Well this next news may be very well quite the tete-a-tete that could give that notorious incident a run for its money, and put the likes of “Superhead” in (good, although not redeemable) but, A-list company (in that same regard).

download (31) In lieu of her new reality show just now premiering, reports are surfacing that our friends over at In Touch Magazine are about to drop a bombshell story on our girl Lindsay Lohan, 27, that just may top all her antics and crazy stories-and sure to put the literal icing on her………cakes: Famous name drops (body counts) of all the dudes who set her “firecrotch” ablaze (which, by the way, add up to a number even higher than her age I might add-no pun intended).

According to our sources, back on January 30 this year, Lindsay was hanging out in Beverly Hills with some gal pals and some talk of body count and who hooked up with whom came up and Lindsay braggingly listed all hers and proceeded to toss it (like she bragged of tossing them).

134562-original Well like they say, someone trash is the next person’s treasure and I’ll have you know-as trite as that cliché may very well be, in manifested—as the Lohan list lay festering in the trash and she and her girls walked away.

Among the specimen jotted down are known Lohan exes like Wilmer Valderrama, model Jamie Burke and her rumored flings like: Jamie Dornan, Max George, the late Heath Ledger. Random celebs also made the list too: Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Colin Farrell, James Franco, Justin Timberlake, Joaquin Phoenix, Garrett Hedlund, Evan Peters (just to name a few).

Until the entire story’s ink is dry, many of the names contain blurred lines-I know you want it, but wait on it…In Touch Magazine promises the big reveal next week-which also includes (quote) “a newly single A-lister, a highly paid/engaged TV star, and the ex-husband of an Oscar winning actress,” (unquote).

Another source is quoted as saying: “The list has some pretty big names on it, and they’re not all single guys. This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core” said the source.

It’s being said that the only thing that could save these unsuspecting relationships that are sure to be shaken to the core is LiLo’s [Lindsay Lohan’s personal/brand name Hollywood URL shortener] disregard for the truth …(AND I’M GOING TO ASK YOU TO READ THIS “SCANDAL” FAST TO GET THE FULL EFFECT):

…(sort of like how she sat there in Oprah’s face during that OWN TV interview earlier this week and lied about going to Europe for yoga and when Oprah slipped the mickey in on her by probing that she may be going for just the opposite-considering Europe’s getaway spots for the rich to break wild and free in places where they are free to do certain things under less a microscope of scrutiny and lenses-then shortly after the interview-Lindsay reported to Oprah’s producer’s that she canceled the trip)

…well, Lindsay’s reputation for distorting the truth may very well be the reasonable doubt her poor little unsuspecting married and boo’d up victims may have (in their defense).

Obviously, all this doesn’t go without attempts to clean up even before the trash is scattered. Lindsay’s rep’s assured a source that the list is “a big ol’ fake,” and “inaccurate.”

Not to be outdone by her pops, Michael Lohan, who we all knows will not be outshined from the spotlight had a few words for us as well: “It’s not even her handwriting.”


Whomever the John Hand-cock..I mean: Hancock is (no pun intended), the writing is now on the wall while the ink is drying on this bombshell about to drop.

And like we always say over here at Other Side of the Fame: #Staytuned.

We will keep your posted on the G’s when it does.

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