Friday Files: CHRIS BROWN Booted, Jailed, No Bail, To Be Heard on Monday

We’re going to start with the bottom line: It’s been almost 24-hours now and we still do not know why Chris Brown was jailed…without bail. There are three elements here:

  • He was jailed -Considering the fact that he was in a rehabilitation center and while there, doing well and meeting all his court dates; the only reason he would be jailed would be because something said or done had to have happened that violated the terms of his probation and as we all know, he has been on probation as a result of the 2009 incident involving singer: Rihanna. Just so you know-to merely be booted from the rehab center is a violation of probation in and of itself-as regardless the reason. No different than if he walked away from it-it would be a violation of his probation, still.
  • He was jailed without bail – For whatever reason he was jailed, for him to not have a bail set-whatever was done to “violate the probation” was either that bad, or because he is rich + famous-therefore considered to be a flight risk. One, or both those reasons for not having a bail, could be a factor).
  • He was booted from the rehab center where he was staying -The G’s on just why he was booted from the rehab facility are not made public as yet however, we do know that his being booted was not for drugs or violence. There are rumors/some sources are posting that he had an “inappropriate relationship/relations” with a staff member. I’m not going to delve into that and write it up as true or no because I don’t know. We are an entertainment blog F.Y.E and the ‘E” is for “entertainment.” Rumors of the entertainment industry is not “information,” so it’s not: F.Y.I-just F.Y.E]. So that’s that, on that’s and where we leave on that (rumor).

The F.Y.I:

Without facts, don’t read into anything too far. When you are on probation for a crime (or incident) in which you escaped serving jail time, and you have that thing looming overhead, if one of the terms of being probation includes your being confined to any facility and that facility has a rule that you can’t drink orange juice after 5p and you do it-that’s a violation of the rules (of the facility)-that can even get you sent to jail. And if you are rich and/or famous, they know that you are there to possibly face RE-face charges on your bigger crime/or incident—(rather than the orange juice), and they know you may want to flee. So if you have the money/means to flee, they know you can (and possibly will) flee, so…they’ll hold you without bail (so that monies cannot be paid for you to leave the jailhouse).

It could be just that complex-simple.

Sources say the deputies say he was very cooperative during his March 14 arrest, and is being detained at the Inmate Reception Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Being booted from that center is what put the warrant out/cause for his arrest yesterday.

Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, was shot an email that was not immediately returned, however, a court hearing on all this is scheduled for Monday, March 17, 2014.

Started From the Bottom Now He’s Here

No matter what Chris does-even if he makes a mistake and walks out the store having placed a lollipoo in his mouth while shopping with the intent to pay for it at the register and forgets to pay for it with his shopping order-that 2009 Rihanna case is coming back to rear its ugly head. That situation looming over Brown’s was scheduled to end this [2014] year but when the Washington D.C incident happened (where Chris was arrested on a misdemeanor charge), the case with Rihanna was put back on the shelf. Brown didn’t serve time for the D.C incident because of his progress and cooperation in rehab however, that actual trial date is April 17. Whatever happened that caused him to be arrested yesterday + this upcoming D.C incident is certainly not a good look.

The Bright Side

Surrendering to the process of rehab (which began October 2013) was, at first/in the beginning, not without incident when it was reported (November 2013) that during a counseling session, he threw a rock at his mother’s car window (for which he was court-ordered to stay for another 3 months at the facility).

Despite all, Chris has gone on record for stating he was grateful to be in rehab and looked forward to staying out of trouble and the opportunity to learn more about himself, his anger issues, and to uncover/meet the person he’d like to become: A man who wants to better himself and be a more positive role model. 

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