Legal Long Arm of the Law Sits on JAY Z and KANYE WEST’s Thrones

 For the sake of saving trees, on one sheet of paper on these two who got more than enough to see them through, up, and somewhere over the rainbow of these legal situations I’m about to bring to you; I’m gonna rock this write up on a two for one special on these chums and polar opposites Gemini-Sagittarius (7-7) Pattern of OPPOSITION ).

At any rate.

When writing up this blog, I figured like this. They love each other, work together, and “Watch the Throne” together so we’re gonna put you up on both their latest legal battles.

Rapper Jay Z may not be known for saying much to his fans via social media, interviews and other media outlets but he’s been ordered to speak up this time.

Shawn Carter a.k.a Jay Z, is ordered to give a deposition as a part of a contract and copyright infringement lawsuit filed by a man n.k.a [never known as] Dwayne Walker who designed the notorious Roc-a-Fella logo created in 1995.

Walker sued Jay Z, his then business partner Damon Dash, and other execs at Universal Music Group in 2012 for $7 million in unpaid royalties over the iconic symbol.

Last week, a Manhattan federal judge approved a petition filed by Walker to move forward.

Walker’s attorney George Berry stated: “We are pleased with the court’s order. For over 18 months Jay-Z and the other defendants have done everything they can to avoid swearing under oath to the events that led to the creation of the logo. With the decision today, the defendants’ delay tactics must stop, and Mr. Walker’s quest for justice can move forward.”

According to reports, currently pending is a partial motion was filed by the defendants to dismiss one [that’s right]: one of Walker’s claims.

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At any rate.

Over on the other side of the throne, a watch was kept out for Kanye’s July 19 paparaztographer incident in which we just reported that Kanye’s attorney showed up for him regarding the misdemeanor incident battery charge where Kanye had a scuffle with a member of the paparazzi. We reported that Kanye pleaded “No Contest” the misdemeanor battery charge and was given the Chris Brown Treatment (less being locked-up in rehab):

  • probation (2 yrs for Kanye)
  • anger management (24 hour anger management therapy session for Kanye)
  • community service (250 hours of for Kanye)

We also stated that “unlike the rest of us regular folks who, without a doubt-have to show up in court; West entered the plea through his attorney who acted as a liaison between himself and the judge.”

Welp, I spoke too soon, because according to reports, Kanye had to haul ass and suffer his bit of regular-folk humiliation by being booked and inked like the rest of us. This past Thursday, he was booked at LAPD’s Hollywood Division Station late Thursday afternoon in a process that (unlike would have for regular-folks), took less than an hour (according to TMZ; a recorded 49 minutes to be exact) where his lawyer chose a 4:30 p.m. booking-at a time when offices would soon be closing and no one was looking.

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