Lady Gaga Gets The Go-Head To Rep BOWIE in Grammy Tribute , Would He Approve?


Although Lady Gaga bounced on pop music and her “Little Monsters” for jazz-pop and Bennett, that doesn’t mean she’s beyond a revisit for Bowie and a lil’ glam-rock.

Gaga does Bowie tribute2

Although many of us were tiny babies-not even born during Bowie’s prime, other were kids and remember his 80s hits and beyond, yet most know enough about him to ascertain that he was all about the music over the mayhem and media-meticulously so.

That being the case and given his, androgynous rockstar style, you don’t even have to have know Bowie’s music to simply Google him and imagine who his female pop double would be: Gaga. Lady Gaga of course who, all of us media hounds just found would be paying tribute to the late Bowie (who died January 10, 2016).

As meticulous as he was with his art in life, he was just as meticulous about his death (for life after).


Having written the stage play (Lazarus) to supersede his death (one year before his death) and leaving us all with a video obituary, “Lazarus” (believed to be his swan song), topped off by going out resting in peace down to the literal meaning (having been cremated even without the presence of his beloved wife Iman); we know that Bowie was particular down to the ink and the art.



Gaga is no bandwagoner when it comes to Bowie. She’s been outspoken about her love for him during his living life long before his death.Gaga does Bowie tribute

All things considered, we know Bowie would give his blessings to Gaga to present and represent him to the world in his absence.

The lady has has been given the green light to grace the Grammy stage and do just that, and along with musical director and industry legend Nile Rogers, Gaga is set to honor the British iconic superstar during a

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