AMAZON To Open In New York…City – Might This Bring Physical Bookstores Home? + What 10 Years & “Success” Have in Common?


Amazon is taking it back to its roots and onto the asphalt while functioning quite nicely in the webosphere.

If you remember, the online superstore website originally started off as on online bookseller which at the time, put fear in virtual bookstores.

Eventually (as online bookstores started opening in the 2000s), Amazon began to incorporate more than just books. Now, as you know, the top online seller is no longer just “Amazon Books” but rather, an entire superstore where people order everything from A to Z—like the arrows pointing on their boxes means it.



Well just this past September, the online superstore took it back to its roots and opened a physical bookstore in Seattle.


Reportedly, the next store will be built in non other than

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