KORRYN GAINES vs. Frightened Texas Woman Pulled Over Getting Jumped On By Cop – What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do

Having started (and ending) with registration and licensing charges, unfortunately, Maryland woman Korryn Gaines’ ongoing run ins with the cops came a fatal end by way of SWAT.


Her story has many twists and turns that has two bottom lines and facts: Minor traffic offenses should not have resulted in a woman being dead, and although it can’t be denied she was rebellious and argumentative in some of the videos, the shameful fact remains that a woman was killed with her 5 year-old in her hand-a woman who (rather than being “crazy” as some have said), looked to me as if she was merely a woman suffering from a clear case of post traumatic stress disorder perhaps-stress from being a picture of the walking wounded—angry with cops given the repeated news reports over the past few years depicting bold and blatant acts resulting in senseless deaths (women included) that she had obviously seen one too many times.

There’s an irony here.

Understanding Gaines’ obvious stress and irritability with having run ins with Baltimore PD and as we learned from the story-feeling targeted, still, (at first-for the great majority of the video), the officers who pulled her over were actually more patient and less aggressive than we’ve seen far too many officers with drawn guns over the past few years.


With that being the case, what happened with this Texas officer who pulled a woman over for…merely driving over a street line-which turned into a situation where the pullover far outweighed a crime of and overdriven line.

The question begged is, why, under much less aggravating and mitigating circumstances couldn’t this one officer apprehending this one woman, have exercised the same self control as the two officers who got one hell of a rebel yell from the above posted video of Korryn Gaines?

Needless to say, as you will see in the video, 28 year-old Earledreka White was pulled over. When she stepped out of her car to talk to the police officer, she simply asked, and proceeded to, call 911 so that another cop could bare witness to whatever it was he was pulling her over for.

For a minute there, the police officer stood cooperatively until at some moment, for some reason, decided he didn’t have to continue to wait on her 9-1-1 call to end, let alone wait for another cop to come bare witness/intervene.

Instead, he aggressively lunged at the (already frightened) woman who stated she was placing the phone call because of her fear of being apprehended by cops—for the very same reason (and example) by which he brought her nightmare in fruition-just that quickly.



Reportedly, after the video, White, a Texas social worker, stated that she was

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