Carry-On Packages of Patience: DELTA System Outage Ground Flights Worldwide + TOM HANKS ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Trailer

With tragedies from planes at high altitude descending to destruction having been commonplace whenever we hear of an aircraft malfunction, it’s refreshing to hear of an aviation malfunction with no catastrophe’s involved.

Despite the inconvenience, all systems were grounded when around 2:30 a.m. Delta Airlines reported a power outage that impacted its systems worldwide.

All systems mid-flight were grounded and all systems preparing for takeoff were, and still are grounded at this time with no ETA as to when the problem will be fixed.

The Atlanta-based airliner posted to Twitter: “Our systems are down everywhere.”

Since the first 2:30 a.m., reporting, at 7:15 a.m. EST Delta updated its customers with the following:

Yes indeed, Delta’s passengers will need to carry on a large bag of patience they didn’t expect to pack but on the bright side, patience far outweighs perils.

It seems like yesterday (revered as the “Miracle on the Hudson”) no one knows better than Captain “Sully” Sullenberger who, if you remember, was forced to land an entire plane full of 155 passengers on the Hudson River as it lost power of altitude, mid-air.

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Although all pilots are skilled, not every pilot is equipped with the faculties and talent to make such a safe and sound split-second decision to defy elements and laws of physics long enough to save himself + the lives of 155 passengers.

Obviously, a feat like is such that

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