KIMYE WEST’s Memorial Day Weekend’s Memorable Matrimony

Despite the brag and price tag of a $9 million dollar Paris wedding, although the likes of Anna Wintour said merci beaucoup but declined the invite due to previous Memorial Day plans, Beyonce and Jay Z sent salutations but parlayed in the Hamptons, brother Rob Kardashian flew in for the Paris festivities but said au revoir day-of the Italy wedding, and brother Brody Jenner opted to spin records at a party to make a little le’papier–the fact of the matter bigger to other’s is: the show still went on.

The lavish ceremony took place on Saturday, May 24, at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy-complete with close friends and family in attendance.

article-2640611-1E3EFF1100000578-490_964x728  Now seen serving as a prelude to THE kiss, the newly married couple shared their first kiss by a wall of flowers reminiscent of the same wall of flowers Kanye bought Kim as a Mother’s Day present earlier this month.

According to reports and style steez, the couple exchanged Lorraine Schwartz wedding bands and both chose to wear Givenchy.

Although Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s big trophy moment and promised to “let [her] finish,” low and behold, she wasn’t there to interrupt his big moment as he stood with his trophy and proceeded to rant recite his vows in his own words for about twenty minutes.

In classic Kanye and 21-gun salutesque style-matching the Memorial Day weekend marriage, obviously Kanye was going to make the moment nothing less than memorable while he shot off his vows.

Although somewhere within the twenty minutes he kept it strictly about the woman he married by stating she was the “ideal celebrity,” “ideal art” and how he gushed about spending “everyday of [his] life with Kim,” still, mid-wedding/vows, he did not hesitate to somehow bring the media and his/their celebrity into the sacred moment by shedding light on the fact that being in the limelight, the tabloid covers don’t quite get it right about he and the Kardashians and goes on the say, “I am defined by being a celebrity…the world is our altar, we are not stupid!”–while at one point referring to his new family as an “an industry” and “the most remarkable people of our time who can make the world a better place.”

Join Other Side of the Fame in wishing all the best to the West’s.

In the meantime, enjoy sharing their photo album of a few guests and moments up to, and including the memorable big day:

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