Can’t Justify My Love: MADONNA Excused from Jury Duty Tuesday

Although she may be okay with kissing you and Justify[ing Her] Love in Paris, but justifying and deliberating jury duty in the Big Apple may be an altogether different thing for popstar Madonna.

According to sources, the long-time resident of New York City was summoned to serve her civilian, regular people civic duty-by sitting on a bench listening, evaluating, and deliberating on regular people’s problems but couldn’t make it.

Via a doctor’s note citing sickness as the reason for justifying her not being able to serve on Tuesday in a Manhattan Supreme Court, she was excused [after being a no-show for the regular people show with no stage]. But according to New York County Clerk Norman Goodman, due to her ill health, Madonna asked to make up for it by reporting for jury duty at a later date.

No word on what was ailing the Material Girl on Tuesday, but perhaps all that horseback riding this past Memorial Day weekend while spending time with her children on the beach wore her completely out already, ya think?


Madonna header pinned/photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Madonna’s photos: Instagram

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