KELLY ROWLAND Shares Candid Moment w/New Baby Since Losing Her Mom DORIS ROWLAND GARRISON This Week


Kellyand New baby TitanKelly Rowland shares a (very tasteful) silhouette shot of she and her new baby son Titan Jewell Witherspoon being nourished or nurtured—in Godlight.

Weighing in at 7 pounds and 5 ounces, in early November, Kelly and her husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed the life of Titan into the world and sadly, just a month later; Kelly lost her mom Doris Rowland Garrison, 66, this week in Atlanta.

Kelly-Rowland and mom Doris“She was an incredible soul who made countless sacrifices so that I could become the woman, and now: mother I am today,” said Kelly who also requested that this moment in time be one that she could grieve in private, stating “We humbly appreciate all the love and support and only ask for privacy during this difficult time.”

It’s a sad thing that Kelly lost her mother one month in to making her a grandmother, but we’re sure Kelly is grieving with the bittersweet thought in mind that her mom lived to see her live her dreams, grow into a woman, marry, and bring life into the world before she was laid to rest.

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