NIPSEY HUSSLE Sells ‘Mailbox Money’ for $1000 Beginning December 20


Nipsey Hussle’s doing it again.

Nipsey Hussle_Mailbox MoneyLast year, we wrote about Nipsey being in the lineup of rap trendsetters-trendsetters who went, or go at it and out on that limb on faith, courage and of course: talent—doing non-trite, nontraditional marketing and advertising for their projects [and promotion for those projects].

It’s the rule of the shrewd, savvy salesman with hustle:

A fast nickel beats a slow dime any day.”

nipsey-hussle-1But Nipsey’s not sitting back dropping singles to put on iTunes for $1.27 each—no, he’s going to give that to yous for free: keep those fast nickels (and slow dimes thank you much).

Something I swear, live, and grind by:

You see, with enough grind time over façade, “creating” illusions (of success & grind), and talking about “dreams;” with the skill/talent + a monopoly on your skill/talents and especially: your strategy; you’re unstoppable—but only if you know your monopoly value (and what it’s worth)…whether it be simply knowing its worth, or what its worth is by comparison to, and over the ‘competition.’

No one can touch you…rush you…or force you into doing things “one” way…

Either way, Nipsey Hussle’s not scared to try new strategies while giving his fans what they want (for free) and on the flip side: moving people (who really claim to love, believe in him and truly check for his talent and grind)—to put their money where their mouth is.

Just before his European tour beginning January 2015, according to sources, Nipsey will be dropping his new LP Mailbox Money–which he will be selling for a whopping $1000.00

If you remember, (via his platform) we reported that Hussle dropped his album Crenshaw for $100.00 successfully and proved that fast dimes actually beat those slow nickels after all…nipsey-hussle-crenshaw-ddotomen

Being released on iTunes for free, Mailbox Money will drop December 20. Nipsey dropped the first single “50 Niggaz” and had this to say about this project:

Ain’t no money like Mailbox Money. This project is about ownership. It’s about archiving what I set out to achieve. In my first single ‘Hussle in the House’ I said [rapped]: “fresh of the block I sold dope to buy groceries/now it’s rap money no advances all royalties”.

This project is about seeing that vision through.

It will be released for free, on iTunes and via the Proud2Pay platform we built with the release of Crenshaw. There will only be 100 hard copies and they are $1000 dollars each. The 100 people that buy the P2P version will be granted access to a private advance listening session of  Victory Lap at the secret Marathon Store we are going to open the day of the listening! More news coming soon.



Author: Angela Sherice