Sh|t Happens: AMBER ROSE Anal-Shames KANYE – Should He Be? I’ve Gotten Caught In ‘Sh|t Happens’ Situations Too – Ashamed? No

I’ll never forget the time I sat there, then slowly lay back-legs wide open while she stood in front of me. I scoot down to the edge so that my bottom was close to the bottom but not so close that I would fall (or hang off the edge).

It was so cold in there as my fast-beating heart pumped warm red blood throughout my body trying to warm me up and stop me from the little bit of shivering I was doing.

“Are you nervous?” she asked.images (1)

(With her, it was my first time).

“No. Not really. Just a little cold is all.” I replied.

There I lay with my mons pubis, clitoris, and labia minor and major exposed while she pulled up the chair. Slowly (and gently) she entered me. My eyes rolled back into my head while I gasped softly. She knew what she was doing-like no one else that had ever done it. I was astonished-in complete physical shock while I lay there looking up to the light asking questions in my head and telling myself: “This must be an angel. This can’t be real.”

As she slid a finger into me, she talked to me about as gentle as her touch. By this time, my cold Celsius-shivering body must’ve dropped several degrees Fahrenheit. I was relaxed. When she pulled out and off of me I gasped with embarrassment (and apologized)…I couldn’t help myself.

  • throws shoulders up
  • Kanye shrug

Shame me. So what.

Things just-happen…


Just like that time (in my vain “preserving my pretty” time in life-early 2000s) I would go get these treatments called

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