Hay For The Va-Jay-Jay: Foria Marijuana Suppositories For Your Monthly?

Move over va-jay-jay.

Make room for…va-hay-hay.

I’m not a marijuana smoker but there has to be some factual correlation between the effects of the herb on the female human body-considering this next piece of information about it.Foria

A marijuana suppository called Foria is currently on the market that is said to be the cocoa cure for relieving cramps during our monthly that, according to testimonials, actually works!

For me, a non-smoker, this is quite fascinating news as, (for those who’ve followed me online even before blogging, know, that I write novels). Well, in one of my novels (“Innocence” book 1 of the 3 book series Angie Situation) I talk about a precocious tween having had a wild day at the amusement park one day where “Angie” rode one particular rollercoaster 17 times back to back which resulted in one of her newly developed breasts to swell up like a light bulb.

Long story short, she panicked.

Later on in the day, she and her friend bumped into the older girls in the neighborhood who were sitting out on a stoop: smoking marijuana. So while Angie and her friend sat there shooting the breeze with the older teens, one of them proceeded to teach Angie how to smoke weed and promised her lump in her breast would be okay soon after. Here’s a pulled excerpt from that

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