To his favor, a lot of changes have happened in our guy Kanye West’s life since the ordeal where he (allegedly) spazzed out on the paparaztographer (Daniel Ramos) last year at the L.A Airport that, as a result, the guy filed charges on him-stating Kanye punched him in an unprovoked attack and wrestled his camera to the ground during the scuffle.

In no particular order, let me count the ways (which we got write ups on):

…and now, he’s gotten closure on what was to become of his ordeal with Ramos-the paparaztographer who filed battery charges on him.

Kanye pleaded “No Contest” to misdemeanor battery to that charge and was given the Chris Brown Treatment (less being locked-up in rehab):

  • probation (2 yrs for Kanye)
  • anger management (24 hour anger management therapy session for Kanye)
  • community service (250  hours of for Kanye)

Unlike the rest of us regular folks who, without a doubt-have to show up in court, West entered the plea through his attorney who acted as a liaison between himself and the judge.

Unlike the young guy with whom Kanye settled out of court with, he did not reach a civil settlement with the paparaztographer therefore, his plea [of No Contest] cannot be used against him in a civil lawsuit.

Source: People Magazine

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