{Girl Talk: Teen Mom Pressure} VH1’s TEEN MOM FARRAH ABRAHAM’s Ode to Her Haters: A New Music Video

Well whadda’ya know. The poster mom of what monsters the Internet and “reality” television makes of people and the life fed into the over-populated ranks of delusions of grandeur and misconstrued perceptions of what “success” – has struck again.

[I can even leave out having to go into detail about that tragic premeditated porn she filmed under the guise not being planned] but not that she’s gone anywhere since becoming famous for being famous on that one channel formerly known as the music powerhouse that, once upon and time, lead the way for playing and premiering music; although since an entire overhaul of plastic surgery from head to toe may have, like me, confused you and made you wonder if that Farrah Abraham was the same Farrah Abraham from “Teen Mom,” I assure you-it is.

Having been badly advised of what a killing she could have made along with many-a warm bottles of self-respect she could have kept by starting out as that teen mom who very well could have still given her face and body the same overhaul and delved right into the billion-dollar uber-lucrative “mommie market” to market herself and tons of items as a brand, rather than jumping into overcrowded Easy Street, Strumpetville U.S.A (television, Internet and otherwise), Teen Mom: Farrah Abraham, 22, jumps right over the more marketable, respectable, and lucrative option yet again, to clap back at “haters.”

blows bangs

In this catchy-tuned, bland, semi-cute, but tragically auto-tuned song championing the talent-challenged in search of fame only, called “Blowin’ ” Abraham declares: Gotta get that air, that breeze, that wind I need, I’m blowin’ these bullies away.”

This (in case you didn’t know) is a song followed by her first single she debuted in August 2012 called: “Finally Getting Up From the Bottom”

…now she’s here.

Okay, well…at any rate.

Our pals at US Magazine cared [and had the time] to explain the video-I don’t, but I will cop-quo-paste their rendition of explaining the video (which too, I posted on the blog for your viewing pleasure).

Here, have at it:

Her daughter is darling, though.

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