JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Social-Scolded After Taking Selfies In The Voting Box + Why That Should Serve As Your Warning Not To Do It

Allow Justin Timberlake be the first out the gate to remind you that this circus of a political year, you don’t want to be made an example of.

How so, you ask?

While we all are proud of our civic, American duty and guilty of senseless or over sharing unnecessary tidbits of our lives via selfie, standing at the voting booth by an open screen is something we might want to refrain from this year.

Known for being a rip-roaring proud Democrat, in support of Barack Obama a few years ago, Justin Timberlake took a moment to give us a remix of his unforgettable SNL disgustingly funny, satirical, soul stank-hit: “Dick In A Box” by singing us a lil’ remix “Vote in the Box.”




This year however, he almost got his nuts in a clutch when took a selfie of himself early voting and posted it to his Instagram account.

Four and eight years back we were warned that taking selfies in the box carried penalties up to and including jail and fines.

Today, with everything from entities to every body in search of publicity and attention any way possible, this would be the years to enforce that action and for the rest of us to not try it.

Although Timberlake’s short video of himself was taken down, the online streets waz twatchin’ and this


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