Move with Meticulous, Strategic (and Prioritized) Intention. Not For Attention. It Lasts Longer. You Come Out + Up: Stronger

Don’t get caught up fronting on the Internet and losing your business, your mind and then having to repackage and sell your soul in order to appear “on” to stay up.

While it’s 234,663,322,986 of “them” doing the SAME sh/t the SAME ways, hone in on being the ‘un-duplicatible,’ ‘un-imitatable’ and unmistakable  monopoly on

  • who you are
  • what you do


  • what you have to offer–that NO ONE ELSE can (and twice as nice): that no one can buy to be.

In mastering that, you afford yourself the ability and the time to do what you can, when you can, with the BEST that you’ve established you already are + offer.

Just like a 9 to 5 that pays you for consistent predictability, consistently tend to and prioritize what PAYS YOU consistently. And in turn, THAT’s when you owe predictability and consistency.

Be a savvy ADULT.

Take care of YOUR business until your dream becomes the ONLY business.

Fronting leads to falling.

Be shrewd enough to know when someone is selling and feeding you bullsh/t that they (evidently) don’t even have the work, product or program to prove that they are merely hustling off of and trying to sell to YOU.

If you can’t recognize or understand all that then keep dreaming, ’cause you aren’t ready for the realities of the action of business.

When you (first) master moving and doing like only YOU can do, only then can you move like, and HOW you want move–until it’s your ONLY move.

Anybody try to tell, or sell you different: tell ’em “Online, we can all prop, pitch and position. Inspire me. Why don’t you show me real, rather than the reel. Show me actual correspondence and receipts from your moves–on the reel.”

Author: OSFMagWriter

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